All prices will change depending on the complexity of your design. Check my FAQ for info on how I price things!


Starting at $1100, partial fursuits include a head, armsleeves, handpaws, feetpaws, and a tail. Adjustable eyelids and other details can be added at an additional charge


Starting at $800, mini partial fursuits include a head, armsleeves, handpaws, and a tail. Adjustable eyelids and other details can be added at an additional charge


Start at $600, adjustable eyelids and other details can be added at an additional charge


Start at $150. Can have up to 5 digits, with or without claws and/or pawpads (no extra charge)


Start at $400. Can be suited for indoor or outdoor use (no extra charge)


Start at $150

Want something you don't see? Questions? Check my FAQ or contact me for info!


Interested in moving forward? Be sure to read over my terms and conditions first!


• You must be 18 or older to commission me. Absolutely no exceptions!• Please provide me with a reliable way to reach you (preferably Discord or Telegram, as opposed to messaging on social media), so we can easily contact one another with questions or updates.• You are welcome to check in for progress updates as you please, but if you have a deadline in mind for your commission, let me know before finalizing payment. I want to be sure I can finish by the time you need it!• Unless specifically requested by you, I may post pictures and/or video taken of your commission (including work in progress images) on my socials, please let me know at the time of commissioning if you do not want me to do so!• I am not responsible for any damage sustained to your commission after it reaches you. Much of my work is hand sewn, so while it should be able to handle normal wear and tear, I cannot guarantee the structural integrity under potentially stressful circumstances. You play a large part in the lifespan of your suit! If you care for it well, it should last you many years.• ALLERGEN DISCLAIMER: I try my best to maintain an impeccably clean work environment, including frequent handwashing and a antibacterial wipe down of your commission prior to shipping, but I do work in a house with cats and birds present. Please be aware of this if you happen to be sensitive to any of these critters!• I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.


• All my prices are in USD.• Payment is up front, work will begin once you've (1) paid in full if making a one-time payment or (2) made your first payment.• I can take partial payments for partial fursuits, under an agreement that half will be paid up front, and half paid when I am ready to order fur for the suit (you may pay it it off before then if you are able!) If you cancel before the second payment you will not get the completed foam base, and you will not have your first payment refunded (more on refunds below). The first payment is intended to pay for the materials and work for the first part of the process.


• Refunds will only be given under one of three circumstances:
(1) it has been less than 24 hours since you paid (in full if making a one-time payment or made your first payment if paying in halves)
(2) No work* has been done and no materials have been purchased for your suit (*this does not include the digital fursuit reference)
(3) I am unable to finish your commission due to personal circumstances
Outside of these circumstances, I do not offer refunds. If you are unhappy with your commission for any reason, please get in touch, and we can figure out for to remedy your issue.


• You are responsible for covering shipping costs for your commission at the time of completion. This usually ranges anywhere between $50 to $100. I can (and have previously) shipped outside the US, but this is a cost that you will be paying for.• I ship via the USPS. I am not responsible for any damage sustained to your package on its way to you. I will usually send a photo of the box you'll be expecting so you know what to look for!

By paying any amount to any invoice I send you, you are agreeing that you have read, understood and accepted the above terms.Sound good? Let's go!


What's the process like?
Usually, you'll send an inquiry, and we'll trade questions back and forth and decide what you're looking for. You'll get a price and my terms, and if you decide to move forward, you'll pay! I'll need your email to send you the invoice. Then, I'll send you a chart of the measurements I'll need from you, and draft up a reference for your commission. Once the design is finalized, I'll begin work on the foam head base. Once the head base is done, I'll pattern the base and figure out what fur I need to order. Fur in hand, I'll pre-shave what I need to and start sewing everything together! I will usually work on different parts of the head at the same time as working on the paws or tail. Sending frequent updates along the way and making any necessary changes, once finalized, I'll get your stuff all boxed up and sent out to you!
How do you decide on your pricing?
The base price is decided by the time it usually takes for me to complete the base and the quality of work I provide. As I continue to improve my work, this base price may change! Any additional cost usually comes from extra material (for example, I charge an extra $30 for every additional color that isn't the main "base" color of your character or black/white), or extra time needed to complete the commission (for example, a character with a lot of stripes or spots may require additional time to sew those in).
Why do you charge more for extra colors?
COVID ruined a lot of stuff, including the prices of faux fur, as it's often imported. Most retailers don't allow you to buy super small bits of faux fur, so even if there's just a touch of yellow on the tips of your fursona's ears, if you want those ear tips, I'll still need to buy at least a half yard of that color.
What species have you made so far?
As of May 2024, I've made a horned cat/dog beast, cockatrice, dutch angel dragon, opossum, Tokoyami from My Hero Academia, bat-eared fox, swift fox, gummy shark, cat, red panda, dragon wolf, dhole, lynx, displacer beast, cat bull, rabbit, dragon, hyena, coyote, caterpillar, and an Australian shepherd!

A grid style collage of 21 images of different fursuit heads.

I strive to create fursuits that are both species-accurate and stylized in my own art style. If one or both of those things are NOT what you're looking for in your fursuit, I advise you seek a different maker who may suit your needs better!Can you make (extra accessory)?
Probably! I've done accessories before, I'm open to discussing whatever.
How long does it usually take for you to finish a commission?
Depends on the type. Partials currently sit at about 2 to 3 months, though I am hoping to improve those times!
Can I tag you in a picture I took in my suit?
YES!! Please feel free to tag me!
Do I need to credit you in my bio/description as the creator of my suit?
It's not necessary, but always appreciated!
How do I clean my suit?
I recommend a gentle spray + wipe of a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water mix, avoiding the eyes of the suit and taking care to make sure it dries completely. I also recommend frequent brushing with a slicker type brush to keep their fur looking fabulous.
Can I resell my fursuit commission?
Yes, but I ask that unless you've made significant physical changes to the suit, you do not sell it for more than you bought it.
Do you do refurbs?
I am more than willing to do refurbs on suits that I have made. Unfortunately I am not able to refurbish suits originally made by other makers at this time! Please contact me if you're interested in a refurb.
Will I see you at a con?
Maybe! If I'm headed to a con, I'll likely mention it on my socials. Feel free to say hi if you spot me, though I may not always be able to stop and chat.
Do you still do regular art/animation commissions?
I do! I don't advertise them as much anymore as I wanted to focus more on suit making, but you can find more info on them here!
I have a different question that's not listed here!!!
Click here!

digital art


These terms are exclusive to my art commissions and do not overlap with the terms for my fursuit commissions.• By paying any amount to the invoice I send you, you are agreeing that you have read, understand, and agree to everything outlined here
• You must be at least 16 to commission me for digital art
• Payment is up front, and I will begin work once I'm paid in full
• If I am unable to complete your commission, your payment can be refunded
• You are more than welcome to check in with me for updates, but please do not try to rush me! If you have a deadline in mind for something, please let me know before you pay!
• Unless you specifically request otherwise, I may post/use your art on my socials and website. If you would rather I didn't, just let me know! I will never sell anything with your character on it
• If you do not have preexisting art of your character, and I am designing them from scratch, there will be a 50% upcharge on your commission. If I am going off of video game screenshots (for your character, this does not apply to canon characters), there is a 25% upcharge
• Your commission is for personal use only. You are not allowed to resell my art without explicit permission!
• I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.


💖 I can and will draw anthros, ferals, ponies, humans, robots/mecha, original characters, fan characters, canon characters, almost anything!
💖 I can draw NSFW / fetish, however you MUST provide proof that you are at least 18 (such as an ID or license) before commissioning me for adult content. Please ask for examples (if you are an adult!)
❌ I will not draw hateful art aimed at individuals / minority groups


Angular-styled, bold lined, shaded shoulder-up views intended for use as icons.

Half body

A waist-up view of the character.


A fullbody view of the character.

Expression sheet
$12 per (3 minimum)

Headshots showing the character making different expressions.

Reference sheet (anthro)

Full body front and back views of the character, a mini fullbody showcasing an outfit, a mouth view, an eye closeup, a color palette, as well as the option for a solid color or photo background. Particularly complex designs or additional details may be extra.

Reference sheet (Feral)

One fullbody view of the character, a mouth view, an eye closeup, a color palette and one additional detail. Particularly complex designs or additional details may be extra.


A full illustration of one or more characters with a full background.

Animation loop

Typically short, looping animations of a character. Price will vary greatly depending on what you're looking for.

Animation meme

An animation meme with your character. Can be an existing meme, or we can work together to create a new one. Price will vary greatly depending on what you're looking for.


• All prices are USD
• Poses, expressions, props, etc, are all up to you! Let me know what you want included, the more detail the better
• All non-animated, non-reference sheet commissions come shaded by default at no extra cost. If you buy a half or full body commission, you will get the flat version as well.
• Half and full body commissions have a choice between several different kinds of lineart. These are clean, angular, and rough. Please specify which you prefer, or if you'd rather leave it up to me!

Bear in mind my style is fairly blocky inherently so there will be some amount of "angular" to it regardless.
• Unshaded, clearly laid out character refs make my life a lot easier!
• Communication is vital! Please give me a way to contact you via discord, telegram, or email rather than a social media platform.
• If there's something you're interested in that you don't see here, contact me! I'd love to figure out what we can make together.



A drawing of Axiom, a black and red tiger, holding his hand up to his face in the "call-me" hand gesture.